Our Journey

My story is no different than yours. From being born in a remote village in North India to immigrating to the United States 45 years later, my story has been a regular journey through all colors of life. A farmer turned entrepreneur’s daughter, growing up amidst a vast variance of merging cultures, my upbringing was a beautiful blend of Rural and Urban settings that fostered a strong sense of adaptability to any kind of situation. No amount of success of my businessman father could uproot him from his farmlands several hundred miles away which eventually filtered down to his children. Our love for soil and all things natural was inherent in our blood that would never change despite our urban lifestyle or legal profession carrier and regular visits to the family farms have kept the passion alive as ever. From Health to Skincare, natural ingredients had been the obvious choice of a young girl as every skincare remedy was picked up from mother’s kitchen shelf lined with exotic herbs and botanical ingredients. The habit of adopting a natural skincare routine continued through the beautiful phases of life a resulting in a problem free skin I always felt proud of. But as they say, to err is human and I was no exception to it. Onset of an early menopause, coupled with the struggles of a new immigrant in starting a new life all over in mid age, brought in the most dreadful enemy – neglect. While I tried for menopause solutions through medication and wellness lifestyle such as meditation and Buddhism, regular skincare was the last thing on my mind. Not only my skincare routine was disrupted but I also failed to notice the signs of early aging that were augmented by the onset of menopause resulting in dull, dry and blemished skin. This carried on for a couple of years aggravating the problem with no solution in sight. As life began to slow down during the pandemic, I got a second chance to find a cure and my quest led to re-open the shut storehouse of natural resources and natural remedies. While my problems began to diminish slowly, I found a new love, stronger than even before, the wonderful world of natural skincare remedies. And this is when I decided to enhance my passion while at the same time help others in similarly situated conditions. After months of extensive research and elaborate education from Formula Botanica, the best Institution in the world, I created Mooie’z - Et Pure, a platform to offer real solutions to real problems faced by real people. Your Mooie’z – Et Pure!!